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Dr. Andreas Biesantz


Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Biesantz was born in 1953 in Allendorf/Marburg, Germany. He was trained as apprentice in biodynamic farms in Germany and received a diploma as professional farmer in 1975. Afterwards he studied biology and philosophy at the University of Basel and at the Free University of Berlin.


He completed a PhD in natural sciences about plant productivity and quality in wheat genetic resources at the Technical University of Berlin. He worked as a scientist and lecturer at the TU Berlin and at the University of Ankara (Turkey) in the area of international agricultural research.

Since 2002 he is representing biodynamic agriculture and Demeter International at the EU Institutions in Brussels conducting advocacy work in the field of agriculture, nutrition, consumer policy and legislation.

Since June 2013 he is also head of office and policy adviser for IVAA (International Federation of Anthroposophic Medical Associations) in Brussels caring about the integration of the Anthroposophic Medical System into health care systems of the EU.


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Cooperation Partners

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