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The benefits of the conferences are based on two factors:

The quality of our input and the creativity and active participation of the attendees. Together these factors will make the Orenda Summit the most important event in its field for guidance and synchronization by decision makers as well as for networking and career opportunities.

We help to advance the professional medical world.

What can you expect?

  • Therapists will both teach and learn about best practices in their fields
  • Rehabilitation clinics will be able to establish contact with medical professionals and receive information on advanced standards and quality management systems
  • Trainers and training providers will benefit from case reports and new content for teaching and client acquisition
  • Scientists/researchers/universities will learn from each other thanks to practical feedback and knowledge transfer and identify new areas for research and problem solving
  • TCM associations will build bridges between East and West and learn from each other as they cooperate on leading-edge solutions, establish the benefits of TCM and increase TCM’s international recognition
  • Rehabilitation associations will learn about new insights, concepts and methodologies that will enable them to make consolidated recommendations to their members
  • Professional medical associations will be able to identify and close gaps in educational and clinical pathways on the basis of approved findings
  • TCM institutions and government bodies will be able to carry out their regulatory activities on the basis of sound evidence
  • TCM specialists will be able to form new networks, initiate new studies and acquire evidence of the effectiveness of TCM
  • Supranational institutions and associations will be able to monitor and capture new aspects that will allow them to refine their current knowledge pools
  • Professional education providers will be presented with new content and experiences that will enable them to update their portfolios and improve their professional educational systems
  • Health insurers will gain a better understanding of their contributions to holistic medical procedures and use this understanding to optimize and expand their product ranges and compensation schemes

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Cooperation Partners

Museum for Psychosomatic Medicine, Orenda Tribe

AIRS Institute for the Advancement of International Rehabilitation Standards

Love International Psychosomatic Medical Exchange Association

Taiwan's Changhua Christian Medical Group