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The Orenda Declaration of Health was signed in Jacksonhole.

At the Orenda Psychomsomatic Medicine International Summit in Jacksonhole/Yenqing, Bejing China, organized by Orenda with the support of AIRS, the Orenda Declaration of Health was signed and set in effect. The speaker and stakeholder supporting this move in advancing health goals for holistic and psychosomatic medicine are listed here:

Carole Ames, Canada
Chia-Ching Lin, RD, Taiwan
Constanze Santarossa, Germany
Dr. Deborah Chang, Taiwan
Dr. Durga Dass, China
Dr. Oliver Kieffer, Germany
Dr. Shelley Noble-Letort, Denmark
Dr. Uwe Klein, Germany
Dr. Xue Qing, China
Dr. Zhou Shuming China
Fidel Kao, China
I-Ching Lin, Taiwan
Michaela Seebacher, Germany
Prof. Keith Kelley, USA
Prof. Song-Yen Tsai, Taiwan
Prof. Tao Jing, China

See the Declaration of Health here in Chinese and in English.
















Having developed and worked out a healthy living model and being under way of building a variety of urbanizations with integrated health management services for the inhabitants, Orenda is advancing continuously with the idea of health provisioning by managed solutions to all people.

As medicine is providing in our days an abundance of insights and approaches for integrated care, holistic medicine and the value of traditional healing knowledge Orenda feels the obligation to advance the theoretical and practical knowledge to support the realization of health as one of the highest values in mankind.

We refer on the many initiatives by WHO, international medical academic bodies, on developments in governments and healthcare systems, on the work of outstanding personalities in this field. Orenda is a driving force within this worldwide movement and acts as a lighthouse for the new understanding of health provisioning by a psychosomatic health model.

We acknowledge by our support and signature the works and initiatives of this health model and feel proud to be the ambassadors of a healthier world.

The articles

#1 We are embracing the idea that health and well-being is achieved by our own self-care and resilience and we strive to model personal engagement in health-creating practices.

#2 We know that protecting the body means to heal the mind and protecting the mind means healing the body

# 3 We feel obliged to use our professional knowledge for bridging clinical care with rehabilitation, prevention and community health

# 4 We recognize the importance of natural processes as guides for enhancing well-being and the efforts to protect and sustain the natural environment as mankind is a part of the nature.

# 5 We support the development of our skills to activate patients to be self- responsible, to strengthen their resilience, and become navigators of their own healing processes

# 6 We value the achievements from multiple global healing traditions and are committed to continuously broadening our under- standing, awareness and engagement for psychosomatic and holistic healing approaches.

# 7 We arrange conferences and dialogue platforms to end polarizing dialogue among therapists and look for to stimulate collaboration to make optimal evidence informed integrative care operational.

# 8 We disseminate knowledge and experience on applied psychosomatic health and family care models within our healthy living communities and beyond

# 9 We welcome interdisciplinary and intercultural approaches for the realization of mind body health models with a focus on daily life situations.

# 10 We engage ourselves in practicing healthy life style habits and in acting as a role model in psychosomatic health for others.

The Museum of Psychosomatic Medicine at Jacksonhole has become the magnetic location for the supporters of the Orenda Declaration of Psychosomatic Health and serves as a strong platform for further developments and expansion of the psychosomatic community model in health.


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Cooperation Partners

Museum for Psychosomatic Medicine, Orenda Tribe

AIRS Institute for the Advancement of International Rehabilitation Standards

Love International Psychosomatic Medical Exchange Association

Taiwan's Changhua Christian Medical Group