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  • liuxiangyang

    Founder of the Orenda Tribe (Also known as XIANG shui)

    Chairman LIU Xiangyang, founder of the Orenda Tribe; founder of the Psychosomatic Medicine Museum; founder of the Boai Charity Fund; Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Joy International Holdings Group; Vice president of Yanhuang Culture Research Association; Ambassador of the Chinese Tai Chi Culture; Practitioner, ambassador and operator of the Psychosomatic Health Model.

  • carole-ames

    Masters in Therapeutic Counselling, International Institute of Integral Human Sciences in association with The Open International University, (2001). Courses included developmental and transpersonal psychology; human relations; clinical interventions. Bachelor of Environmental Studies, Honours Urban and Regional Planning, University of Waterloo (1980). Courses included social planning, community development; policy development; design; strategic planning; multi-disciplinary approaches.


  • andreas-biesantz

    Dr. rer. nat. Andreas Biesantz was born in 1953 in Allendorf/Marburg, Germany. He was trained as apprentice in biodynamic farms in Germany and received a diploma as professional farmer in 1975. Afterwards he studied biology and philosophy at the University of Basel and at the Free University of Berlin.


  • debarah-chang

    Director of Family Medicine Department of Orenda Psychosomatic Medicine Museum, Psychotherapist, Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM).



  • charles-hsu-pic-large

    Director of Primary Care, Colima Medical Clinic, Hacienda Heights, CA
    Staff Physician, 1985 to present, Family Medicine at Kaiser Ontario Medical Office Chair, North American Physician Association International Medical Mission committee


  • durga-dass

    Having lived in Australia for over ten years, she is good at stress management, mentality training, psychosomatic integration, family counseling, deep communication and trauma repair. With a solid professional foundation, a wealth of practical experience and acute insight, she can offer tailored and multi-dimensional psychological support to clients.


  • fiedel-kao

    Based on gestalt therapy, Kao has been integrating body work and artistic healing into his personal growth workshops and professional growth workshops to open a window for individuals and therapists. For 28 years, Kao has been leading over 600 workshops, facilitating the mental health and growth for people in education, social welfare system, psychological and medical industry both in the mainland China and in Taiwan. Over 10 thousand people participated his workshops and over 1000 people joined his counseling.


  • kelley

    Keith W. Kelley is a Professor Emeritus of Immunophysiology at the University of Illinois. Dr. Kelley earned his Ph.D. in 1976, a time when the immune system was considered only to protect against infectious diseases. He helped reshape that view by bringing physiology to immunology.


  • oliver-kieffer

    Oliver has 25 years of clinical experience in the field of Physical therapy, Exercise therapy /Medical training therapy (MTT) in a variety of settings.
    In the international project “Power Rehabilitation” in Japan (2000-2010) he was the clinical advisor.

  • uweklein


    Specialist for Internal Medicine and Occupational Health, Business Development and Innovation Consultant Medical professional Education in Germany and Canada.


  • lin

    Director of Department of Nutrition & Dietetics                  
    Changhua Christian Hospital, Changhua, Taiwan


  • i-ching-lin

    Attending Physician of Family Medicine Department, Changhua Christian Hospital

    Director of Family Medicine Department, Changhua Christian Hospital

    Director of Family and Community Medicine Department, Hanming Hospital

  • bengt-lindstoem

    Professor Lindström is trained in Pediatrics and an expert on child public health.



  • shelley-noble

    Shelley Noble-Letort, PhD is a graduate of UCLA and Pacifica Graduate Institute. Her PhD research is the Mythological and Depth Psychological survey of Integrative Medicine and Global Health. Her community involvement includes environmental, therapeutic and philanthropic work for private and public schools, societies, and non-profit organizations.


  • xue-qing

    Xue Qing is executive assistant to the president of Orenda’s Comprehensive Health business entity, the general manager of Psychosomatic Medicine Museum.


  • constanze-santarossa

    Management of Medical Training Therapy (MTT) Center Yuanxiang, has 15 years of clinical experience in the field of Exercise Therapy, Rehabilitation Sciences and MTT in Germany. She has studied Sports Sciences, Sports Medicine and Human Biology at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt and is currently completing her PhD there.


  • zhou-shuming

    Director Zhou Shuming: Graduated from the Third Military Medical University and has been working in the cadre wards of the General Hospital of Beijing Military Region for over 30 years.

    Experienced in clinical internal medicine and general medicine.


  • wen-shu

    Wen Shwu is an EMBA graduate from National Taiwan University and a MBA graduate from Tulane University in USA. She got her BFA degree in visual arts from University of British Columbia in Canada and BA degree in Tamkang University in Taiwan. Honorably Wen Shwu is the first Chinese from Taiwan who received both the Graduate Certificate in Executing Coaching from the well-known business school Royal Roads University and the Diploma in Counseling from the reputable personal development center The Haven Institute in Canada.


  • jing-tao

    MD, PhD, Professor, Ph.D. supervisor

    Dean of Rehabilitation Medicine College, Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine


  • song-yen-tsai

    Associate Superintendent, Nantou Christian Hospital, A branch of Changhua Christian Hospital Enterprise, Nantou, Taiwan

    Director, Naturopathic medicine research center, Changhua Christian Hospital, Changhua, Taiwan

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