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Speaker Application

Please use the online form for application as a speaker. We will use your application only for internal purposes and protect your private data. Your application is not a guarantee that we can offer a speaker slot for your topic in the conference you applied for.

In any case we will come back to you asap to discuss options or amendments of the topic or additional topics based on you suggestions and competency.

Once you have received an official speaker confirmation and invitation from our side it will include all relevant information for travel and accommodation, presentation format and logistics. Speakers are invited participants and hold free from expenses on travel and stay cost.

Beside the title of your input we appreciate most an explanation and brief description of the content of your presentation to get a clearer picture. For your CV it is sufficient to provide us with a speaker profile without a detailed career or achievement track record, yet providing the essentials of you biography in a way which you would like to see it later published on the conference website in case your application is accepted.

Content fits for (multiple entries possible)

Topics (multiple entries possible)

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Please send us a portrait. (.jpg- file, 300dpi, min. 2000px height)

Please send us your fully formulated curriculum vitae.
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