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Dr. Durga Dass (Ms. WANG Chunmei)


Having lived in Australia for over ten years, she is good at stress management, mentality training, psychosomatic integration, family counseling, deep communication and trauma repair. With a solid professional foundation, a wealth of practical experience and acute insight, she can offer tailored and multi-dimensional psychological support to clients.


  • Registered Functional Therapist in Australia
  • International Certified Psychosomatic Leader & Meditation Coach
  • International Certified Psychosomatic Instructor
  • Special Cultural Ambassador for the Australian Harmony Foundation
  • Growth Planner for Children
  • Dual Master’s Degree at the Department of Health Science in University of Sydney
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Professional Course Leader in China Haiwen Institue
  • Consultant at the Psychosomatic Health Museum in Orenda
  • Certified Tier 2 counselor in China
  • Bilingual Speaker (Chinese and English)

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Cooperation Partners

Museum for Psychosomatic Medicine, Orenda Tribe

AIRS Institute for the Advancement of International Rehabilitation Standards

Love International Psychosomatic Medical Exchange Association

Taiwan's Changhua Christian Medical Group