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Constanze Santarossa


Management of Medical Training Therapy (MTT) Center Yuanxiang, has 15 years of clinical experience in the field of Exercise Therapy, Rehabilitation Sciences and MTT in Germany. She has studied Sports Sciences, Sports Medicine and Human Biology at the Johann Wolfgang von Goethe University in Frankfurt and is currently completing her PhD there.


She was a research project leader at the Department of Sports Medicine in Frankfurt investigating the influence of physical activity in stress management programs with the intention to buffer the adverse health effects of occupational stress.

Constanze Santarossa was teaching Exercise Physiology, MTT and Performance Diagnostics at the Goethe University, Hochschule Fresenius in Frankfurt, and Gutenberg University in Mainz.

At the MTT Center Yuan Xiang she continues the Power Rehabilitation Project of Dr. Oliver Kieffer investigating the influence of systematic training on seniors identified being at high fall risk.

Her overall clinical application interest comprises health promotion through physical activity, either in prevention and alleviation of internal diseases and disorders of the musculoskeletal system or as part of an even work-life-balance.

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